Right after graduation from Brockport State University in 1998, Mike began working at the NBC affiliate in Rochester, NY.  He didn't last long.  Just six months into the job, he traveled to Binghamton, NY to begin his journey as a News Reporter.  In 2000, he landed in Albany, NY where he spent two years as a reporter before returning to his hometown of Rochester to work at WHAM-TV as the nightside reporter.  He thought he'd be there just a couple of years.  It turned into nearly five.  But when Las Vegas came calling, he bought a one-way ticket and never looked back.

He arrived at KVVU-TV in 2006 to be the morning show reporter.  Ratings jumped from last to first place with the help of a dynamic team.  In 2008, he formed Mike Doria Ink. - now known as Mike Doria Media.  In 2009, his contract wasn't renewed and onward he went to PR and marketing.  


In 2012 Mike was hired a the Public Relations Specialist at The Mob Museum and worked there for a year bringing various reporters, photographers and reality shows through the three floors of memorabilia and interactive exhibits.  From there, he went on to be the PR & Marketing Manager at Arsenal, an outdoor sporting goods company.  And then came his calling to write books.


When Mike's aunt told him to write a book, he didn't think twice about it.  Not having any experience in this area, he did what he always did -- and dove in head first.   "It's a Sign, Stupid!" was self-published on December 26th, of 2013 - just three months after he began writing.  The book details the very beginning of his spiritual journey and his search for deeper purpose in life.  When the book ended up saving a mother's life - years after Mike lost his own mother, he knew this was more than a calling.  In December of 2014, he published his second book, "The Light Year."  In the book he uses interviews and seemingly ordinary real-life situations he's encountered and extrapolates deeper meaning.  At the end of the book, a giant revelation comes into play that later allowed Mike to live out his book in the real-world.  The power of words and what they can do.   


In May of 2015, Mike was offered a position at CBS Radio as the station group's Digital Content Manager.  In this role he managed the content, graphics and branding for six websites.  He also created the logo for Q100.5 and helped that station launch in the Las Vegas Market.   In March of 2016, Mike was offered the opportunity to reprise his role as morning reporter at Fox 5 News.  After careful consideration, he returned and is currently still in that role.