Media Coaching in las vegas

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If your company, business or brand is a news maker or potential news maker, then you should be prepared for the spotlight.  MDM has 20 years experience in the news industry and is a trusted name in Media Coaching in Las Vegas.  We can help get your team prepared for interviews and segments. 


The first part of media training is help your brand or business identify the key player or players who will be designated to speak on-air or give quotes for print publications.  Next, MDM will work with those individuals to make sure they are camera ready and able to speak to media in a way that translates well for TV or print while keeping your brand standards in place.  Other training in this area includes:

  • Public Speaking Training
  • Body Language & Motion
  • Wardrobe
  • Interview Locations (Company Setting


"Hey, we should get this on the local news, it's a great story!"  If your company, brand or business is doing great things, and you want to share it with reporters --MDM knows exactly how to make that story pop.  In this training, we'll chat about the best strategies to get your business in front of the camera or microphone and the angles that make reporters bite.  Other areas of focus include:

  • Story Angles
  • Video/B-Roll Creation
  • Press Release Structure
  • Fact Sheets
  • Boiler Plates


It happens.  And when companies find themselves in the spotlight negatively, knowing what to say makes a big difference.  MDM offers up coaching to prepare key individuals for interviews in various crisis situations.  Should the company even be speaking at all?  MDM has the inside insight and can provide useful training from issuing statements to keep your lips zipped.